Is derived from the abbreviation "ad" for "advertisement," and the second part of the word, “software.” Adware are programs that are responsible for advertising within a program. It can also ensure that you see ads on the Internet.

What does the term “adware” mean in detail?

Free software often contains adware. This serves as

  • A source of income for the developers
  • "Motivation" for users to buy a paid, ad-free version

Does adware = malware? No, not if you have installed this software with knowledge of its advertising function. However, this is not always the case. For example

  • This information has been overlooked because it is only briefly shown during the installation process or is hidden.
  • The inclusion of the adware is pre-selected in the installation dialog and is accepted without user notice.

In some cases it can be difficult to delete adware. If a program advertises, but also collects and shares user data, it is spyware.

Where do I encounter adware in everyday work?

It can be, for example, in connection with the free trial of a program. After you install it, it will show you ads. You may also see pop-up advertising windows opening when you surf the Internet.

What can I do about adware?

For prevention:

Always clear the installation of new programs with your administrator. This is how you can protect yourself against annoying adware and your business against malware, because these can also hide in such programs.

For removal:

  • Uninstall the program using the usual way on your operating system.
  • If a normal uninstall does not work, remove the program using your antivirus program
  • If that does not work, use a program designed specifically to remove adware

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