Spear Phishing


This method is used extensively to research the victim in advance. What language and design does the company use? Who works with whom, in which department? How do you spend your free time? All of it is information that is often found on the internet on professional networks like Xing or LinkedIn. Finally, an employee is specifically contacted and manipulated with this information in order to obtain the required data or even to make transfers.

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    Derive from a shortened form of the English word “robot,” “Bot” refers to the IT version of a robot: A computer program that automatically and independently performs certain tasks.

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  • CEO Fraud

    CEO fraud, also called a business leader scam or “fake president” case, is a popular spear phishing scam. Employees are asked by their alleged superiors in fake emails, for example, to transfer a certain amount of money or even to disclose sensitive data.

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