Don’t want to deal with overflowing mailboxes? How to protect yourself from spam emails

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Pic Source: Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

The number of unwanted advertising messages rose by 34 percent in 2018, according to email providers GMX and We show you what you can do to escape the spam wave.

Who doesn’t know it? You recently filled out an online form and now your inbox is drowning in promotional emails. This phenomenon becomes particularly tricky when your business email address is affected and important messages are lost or work is left undone due to deletion.

Unlike phishing messages, spam e-mails are not aimed at fishing for sensitive data, but mostly at selling more or less useful products. These can be supposed aids for beauty and health, a trip or even a gym membership. According to the e-mail providers GMX and, an average of around 150 million e-mails were sorted out as spam last year – an increase of 34 percent.

Spam appears in various forms and is most commonly known in connection with e-mails. However, it can also appear as advertising banners, pop-ups or as advertising posts in Internet forums. In addition, they can contain links to fraudulent websites and, in the case of spam e-mails, attachments with malware.