Phishing test


In a phishing test, recipients receive fake scam emails or phone calls to see if they will fall for tricks from criminals. In this way, security incidents should be avoided.

This is how our phishing test works:

  • In a simulated scam email, we pretend to be a person known or a service provider of the recipient.
  • If the employee opens the included link/attachment or reveals confidential data, then the test was failed. Now we will retrain him.
  • If the employee does not interact with the scam email and even better, if he passes it on to the security officer, he has successfully passed the test.
  • A short time later, the person is re-tested with another scam – of course, as always,
    without risk!

What good is a phishing test?

Avoid security incidents by:

  • Awareness of different forms and strategies of phishing
  • Practice safety routines
  • Autonomous detection of suspicious emails
  • Implementing recommended actions for dealing with suspicious emails

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