#TwitterHacked – unprecedented attack by cybercriminals on the micro-blogging service

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Pic Source: Youcel Moran via Unsplash

One name is more famous than the other. In the past week, hackers have hacked verified accounts of numerous celebrities and spread tweets about questionable deals with cryptocurrencies via their Twitter profiles.

Among the victims were US rapper Kanye West, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, former US President Barack Obama, US presidential candidate Joe Biden and tech giants Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

The American publication Motherboard now assumes that hackers got Twitter employees to give you control over the accounts in question. Even though this is most likely an “inside job”, the question still arises: How secure are social media profiles really and how can one best protect oneself from a potential hack?

If you look in the help centre on Twitter, after a short search you will find a post on the topic “My account has been hacked”. Not only well-known personalities or large, verified accounts are attacked by hackers – every user can become the focus of cybercriminals. To save yourself the hassle that follows, the cyber experts at Perseus therefore advise:

“Use complex passwords that you also adjust at regular intervals. It is also important to activate two-factor authentication. Of course, this is not a panacea against cyber attacks either, but it acts as a good security tool against unwanted access.”

Perseus has already dealt in detail with the topic of two-factor authentication and what protection this measure really offers. Read the complete article here.