Team Day 2020

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Pic Source: Perseus Technologies

Team spirit, social commitment, face masks and lots of fun: On 14 August, the Team Day 2020 took place at Perseus.

For many it was “Welcome to Perseus” and for just as many “Welcome Back”. A lot has happened at Perseus in the past six months. Since February we have become a part of the HDI Group, and in June Perseus itself took over CYRISO, a service provider specializing in cyber damage. In March, with the spread of COVID-19 in Germany, the entire Perseus staff changed to remote work. We kept in regular contact via video calls, email and chat, but many of us missed the breakfasts together, the face-to-face talks and the exchange of ideas alongside business issues. At the same time, Perseus has grown massively. You see new faces almost weekly and in August we welcomed our 50th employee.

A joint team day seemed the best way to bring together old and new colleagues. The first step was a Townhall Meeting. With a hygiene concept and mandatory masks for all employees, the milestones and stumbling blocks of the last months and the goals for 2020 and 2021 were presented.

This was followed by a special kind of team building. The event was mostly supposed to be about getting to know each other and to improve team work and communicating with each other. But we also wanted to give something back as a company. We got the chance to do this through a collaboration with Chris Gulley from “The Hand Project.” The organization builds prosthetic hands for needy people in developing and emerging countries and we were allowed to help build some of these hands in teams of three employees each. Teamwork, precision and patience were required. After two hours of concentrated work, we were able to hand over 17 functional prosthetic hands to Chris. In the future, these hands will help people to cope with everyday life and to return to a normal life a little bit.

The Perseus team day ended above the rooftops of Berlin. The summer in the capital meant well for us and so we were able to end the day privately and outdoors with delicious food, cool drinks and relaxed music.