Employee satisfaction at Perseus is outstanding!

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Pic Source: via Gett

This can be proven with figures: with an internal NPS value of 55, we are far above average.

Perseus is growing and developing at a rapid pace, but what is actually at the heart of Perseus? Clearly: the employees. To find out how they are doing, Perseus regularly conducts anonymous surveys. These record how satisfied our employees are, whether their expectations of the company are being met, whether they are lacking anything. The questions relate to the basic mood, routines and processes, but they also include concrete events such as the current Corona pandemic with its effects and consequences for everyday working life. It is explored whether Perseus is on the right track and where there is potential to improve and grow.

The results are mapped in a so-called Net Promoter Score (NPS), which compares promoters and detractors, i.e. employees who would recommend the company and those who would not. In the current survey, Perseus achieved an internal NPS value of 55 – an outstanding result and far above the average. With 19 promoters, 2/3 of all employees would recommend Perseus as an employer and are very satisfied despite the current situation.

Some employees stated that they miss the ergonomic office chairs in the home office and the direct exchange with colleagues. But despite the physical separation, employees feel connected to each other through new rituals such as virtual community breakfasts and checkouts and appreciate the open communication and transparency of Perseus management.

Finally, two of the anonymous responses from our survey that we particularly liked:

What should we continue doing? “Being awesome”.

What should we start doing? “DANCING”