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  • What advantages does Perseus offer me as an IT manager?

    For IT managers, Perseus offers a culture of security within the company that helps to ease the burden in the environment and conserve resources. Thus, it saves IT valuable time and that can be devoted to other tasks.



  • What advantages does Perseus offer me as an entrepreneur?

    More than 70 percent of all German companies have been victims of cyber criminals in the past two years. With Perseus we provide a comprehensive cyber security solution for your business by empowering your people, helping in an emergency, and building a culture of safety. (Source: BSI Link www.bsi.bund.de/DE/Presse/Pressemitteilungen/Presse2018/Cyber-Angriffe_haben_erhebliche_Konsequenzen_fuer_die_Wirtschaft_31012018.html)



  • What advantages does Perseus offer me as an employee?

    As an employee, you are at the forefront of a company's cyber security chain, so you need to be aware enough to avoid attacks. A person well trained with Perseus, alone, can avoid many attacks.



  • What advantages do I have as a customer or business partner of a company that protects itself from cyber attacks with Perseus?

    Customers or business partners of a company that protects itself with Perseus benefit from the responsible and secure cyber handling of the personal data that is exchanged.



  • Was bietet Perseus im Vergleich zu anderen Cybersicherheitslösungen?

    Aktuelle Cybersicherheitsangebote sind oftmals zu kleinteilig und beinhalten häufig sehr techspezifische Produkte. Perseus bietet einen 360° Ansatz für die Cybersicherheit in Ihrem Unternehmen – von der Prävention und dem Schutz, bis zur Reaktion und Absicherung.



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