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  • Do I still need cyber insurance with Perseus?

    With Perseus, you can bring your company's security level to an unprecedented level in a cost-effective and resource-efficient manner. The goal of Perseus is to prevent cyber attacks or, in the case of an incident, to keep the damage to a manageable level. The aim of cyber insurance is to hedge financial losses, such as third-party damage, business interruptions, etc. Whether the additional coverage of cyber insurance is necessary must therefore be decided on an individual basis.



  • How much is the Cyber Cover?

    The Cyber Cover is a service for our premium customers and can be purchased at a price of € 2 per user/month plus VAT (minimum € 10.00 /month plus VAT in addition to the basic amount per employee/month plus VAT). It ends with the term of the premium contract. More information about the Cyber Cover can be found here.



  • How many users are required to use the Cyber Cover? What services do I get?

    You can start using the Cyber Cover with one employee or more. With Premium, you will be reimbursed for a cyber incident of up to € 50,000 per year for on-site forensics experts, data recovery and malware removal, post-attack system recovery (up to € 10,000), and data privacy review (up to € 2,000).



  • Welche Leistungen enthält der Cyber-Schutzbrief?

    Mit Premium und Schutzbrief erhalten Sie eine Kostenerstattung bei einen Cybervorfall von bis zu 50.000 € pro Jahr für: Forensik-Experten vor Ort, Datenwiederherstellung und Entfernung der Schadsoftware, Systemverbesserung nach Angriff (bis zu 10.000 €) und Prüfung datenschutzrechtlicher Informationspflichten (bis zu 2.000 €). Weitere Informationen zu dem Cyber-Schutzbrief finden Sie hier (Link: www.perseus.de/produkt/cyber-schutzbrief/)



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