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Our marketplace, Perseus Fair, offers a selection of useful software extensions and additional services for special security needs.

The fundamental principles in cyber security and data protection, which are important for all companies, are covered by Perseus. However, due to the diverse tasks and work areas between businesses, some companies face special challenges. For this reason, we recommend individual software solutions and services from trusted partners.

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Password Manager

Recommendations from Perseus

Strong passwords are a central element of your company's security strategy. Insecure passwords, on the other hand, are one of the central entry points for almost all attacks on company data. A single, weak password is often enough for a hacker to gain access to the entire IT infrastructure.

Password managers are an effective tool for the secure handling of passwords.

Here we present our four favorites.


This free, open source password management doesn't look very modern, but it lives from the various additional features from the community. For companies with few, and pre-trained employees, KeePass may be a good introduction to password security if cost is the main criterion and the increased administrative effort is not an issue.



+ Secure encryption with various cryptographic algorithms possible.

Open Source.

+ Password generation.

+ Thanks to many plugins it is very well customizable.

+ Own server solution possible.

+ Free of charge.



- High administrational effort.

- Increased training effort for employees.

- Less intuitive operation than other solutions.

- Server solution must be set up by the user.

- Only as a community transmitted version running on Linux, Mac OS and mobile operating systems (e.g. Android).

- For companies only limited support for teams, e.g. distribution of accesses by the admin.


Bitwarden is a solid password manager that offers interesting features, such as two-factor authentication and additional cloud storage in the paid version. Unfortunately there is currently no check for breached accounts.



+ Intuitive and appealing - also suitable for beginners.

Free Sync for all devices.

+ Secure safe for passwords.

+ No complex installation/ adjustment.

+ No own server solution for synchronization necessary.

+ Synchronization via own server possible.

+ Open source.

+ Offers own apps for Android and iOS.



- Local operation only with your own server.

- Safety features expandable.

- Not as customizable as KeePass.

- Little support for teams, only for smaller companies.


The professional: A password manager, a digital safe, a form filler, and a secure digital wallet all in one - intuitive to use and attractive. Especially for larger companies, 1Password is the best choice, but the price is comparatively high. No other password manager offers so many features, such as multiple password databases, team support, a very good password generator and a flexible folder structure. The functionality of 1Password is similar to Bitwarden, but there is no free version.

If 1Password is not available as a stand-alone program for the desired platform, you can still switch to the browser version. Using ready-made templates, users store all kinds of data in the secure database, from website passwords to driving licenses to software keys. 1Password makes it very easy to create multiple "safes": for your own passwords and the shared ones. This works very well and is easy to set up. Employees can store their personal passwords separately from the company passwords, which the whole team needs, for example. However, the software is currently one of the most expensive solutions.


+ Intuitive and appealing - also suitable for beginners.

+ No complex installation or adjustment.

+ No need for your own cloud solution for synchronization.

+ Offers own apps for Android and iOS.



- Not open source.

- No support for multi-factor authentication.

- Comparatively expensive.

- Problems with password import from other tools.


The all-rounder: password manager, digital wallet for secure online payments and general security app at the same time.

Passwords, notes, ID cards: Dashlane clearly sorts data into different categories. The manager checks for duplicate passwords and checks leaks for personal data. In addition, Dashlane comes with a virtual private network (VPN) that is designed to enable secure surfing. The software securely stores passwords, form and payment data thanks to AES-256 encryption - just like the other solutions presented.

Dashlane only works with an internet connection. A password generator creates arbitrary character strings on demand. A special feature of Dashlane is the handy Password Changer. With the premium function, users can change many stored passwords at once with just a few clicks.

Furthermore, you can strengthen your Dashlane login with the 2-factor authentication. You can set whether 2FA should be used with each the login, or only when you log in with a new device.

Dashlane is available in three packages. The free version limits the number of stored passwords to 50 and limits the program to one device. Of course, you can also use the mobile version, but then synchronization is not possible.


+ Available as browser extension, desktop program, and mobile app.

Practical automatic password change with Password Changer.

+ Auto-Login functions.

+ Easy to understand evaluation of general password security.

+ VPN included (for premium customers).



- German support only by e-mail/ chat support only in English.

- Autofill function with quirks.

- Expensive.

Backup cloud storage

Recommendations from Perseus

A Cloud Backup is a backup of your data to a cloud-based, off-site server. Perseus recommends keeping at least one backup copy of your data outside of your office and business premises. This way, in the event of data loss or theft, your systems are quickly up and running again. Cloud-based storage is an attractive alternative to physical backup (on hard disks, or similar) in this case. Advantage: There are no additional hardware costs, and the storage space can be individually expanded.

Here we present our three favorite backup cloud storage providers.

Google Cloud Storage

Cloud storage and collaboration tool in one. Google Cloud Storage comes with many practical and easy-to-use features. For example, there are the integrated applications to edit common formats such as documents, spreadsheets or presentations. This makes it easy for teams to work together on projects in a decentralized manner. In addition, a whole range of settings and rules can be defined for storing and backing up your data: for example, whether older versions of files are automatically backed up, or whether certain files may not be deleted at all or only after a certain time. Access to data can also be configured individually.



+ You only pay for what you actually use.

Unlimited storage space.

+ 100% climate neutral.

+ Google Cloud helps you meet specific standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, SOC 1/2/3, PCI DSS and CSA STAR.

+ Artificial intelligence and machine learning make functions especially user-friendly.

+ Fast and easy drag-and-drop upload and download.



- Only available in certain regions.

- Now and then it is difficult to find files.

- User interface could be improved in parts.

Microsoft OneDrive

Teamwork with Microsoft Office applications. Similar to Google, Microsoft OneDrive also offers an integrated online platform for saving and editing files simultaneously. Since Microsoft's Office file formats are a cross-industry standard, this is attractive for many companies in their daily work. After all, .doc, .xml or .ppt files can be easily and quickly edited online from anywhere. Automatic synchronization of device and cloud storage further simplifies backup processes.



+ Various access levels, shareable links, offline version.

+ Integration with Office 365.

+ Fast upload and download via drag-and-drop.

+ Very fast synchronization between devices.



- Some performance issues when editing documents in the mobile app.

- Syncing multiple accounts is not as intuitive as in other cloud storage apps.


Flexible and reliable all-purpose solution. Veeam is a simple and reliable solution for flexible backups of all cloud-based, virtual, and physical data. The solution simplifies data protection management, ransomware protection, and compliance. With various functions, data can be managed independently of its lifecycle. This offers great advantages for administration and the security of your own data.



+ Single platform for cloud, virtual and physical backup. (Backup and recovery for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, Windows and Linux servers, NAS, AWS, Azure, Office 365 and more).

Easy installation.

+ No special skills required to operate.

+ Reliable backups and fast restores eliminate the risk of data loss and downtime.

+ Special pricing and solutions for small businesses.



Does not work on some older software system versions.

Software for online meetings

Recommendations from Perseus

Online tools for video and web conferencing are becoming increasingly important. The modern working world requires flexible communication - whether you work from home, on the road, or with colleagues who are abroad.

There is a wide range of software solutions available for online meetings.

Below, we will present three of our favorites:


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a multifunctional collaboration platform integrated into the Microsoft 365 suite. True to its name, the platform is the central place for team working. In addition to the functions for video conferencing and calls, it also has chat functions and the option of being integrated with other Microsoft 365 applications in your company’s workflows.



+ Real-time collaboration on documents and files.

+ High service availability.

+ Video and audio conferencing in HD quality.

+ Seamless integration with other MS products such as MS Office, MS Streams, MS Outlook, MS OneDrive etc.

+ Most users report excellent usability.

+ Global availability of services.



- The rather large application quickly takes its toll on the battery and RAM.

- The options for third-party integration (e.g. Salesforce) are limited.

- The administrative installation (administration setup) is comparatively complicated.

Google Meet

Google Meet is an easy-to-use, browser-based video conferencing software. Integration with Google's own calendar allows teams to create and share meetings quickly and easily - inside and outside the company. Meetings can be diversified with breakout rooms and integrated voting procedures.



+ Easy to use interface.

+ Integrates with Google Calendar.

+ Breakout rooms for smaller group discussions.

+ Integrated polling function.

+ More than one way to join an online meeting - e.g., via computer or phone call.



- Limited quality of the connection (connectivity) with large groups.

- If the connection is made through the assigned phone number, the participant will incur charges.

- Chat feature is the only way to document collaboration within the meeting.

- Only works within the browser or a mobile app - no desktop application available.


GoToMeeting is a video conferencing tool for online meetings and can be used via desktop app, web app and mobile app. Common features such as the integrated chat window and screen sharing are also part of the service. The app's travel mode can save up to 90 percent of data volume.



+ High-quality video and audio transmissions.

+ Easily join a meeting without prior registration (just one click).

+ The software is available on various devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

+ Travel mode to save data volume.



- User experience changes depending on the device.

- Service automatically deletes all stored cloud records after one year.

VPN – Virtual Private Network

Recommendations from Perseus

VPN software routes one's own data traffic through a secure and encrypted data tunnel. This way, all online activities remain protected from unwanted onlookers and cybercriminals.

There are many VPN providers on the market. Here we present our five favorites:



The industry leader is easy to use and offers a wide range of servers for even more security. This provider also has a lot to offer in terms of data speed. Due to these advantages, NordVPN is a bit more expensive than the average, though.



+ Uses the popular VPN technology WireGuard.

+ Uses multi-hop and Tor connections that are encrypted and protected by multiple identity changes.

+ Easy-to-use and clear software interface.

+ Over 5,000 servers in approximately 60 countries.



- Some problems with the user interface.

- Slightly above average prices.

FortiClient VPN

FortiClient offers a whole range of security solutions (endpoint protection, malware scanner, etc.) for enterprise customers, and the integrated VPN client is just one part of these tools. An interesting option for companies looking for a comprehensive solution.



+ Real-time protection against malware and malicious websites.

+ Integrated VPN, firewall, and vulnerability detection.



- No automatic notification when software is updated.

- No warning when a problem is detected, only visible in the dashboard.


TunnelBear convinces with easy usability, a fresh design and good transfer speed. The offer also includes an ad blocker as a browser extension. However, the user will not find many other features, and the number and geographical diversity of the servers are higher with other providers.



+ Secure and easy to use.

+ Offers high connection speeds and some very useful privacy tools.

+ Friendly, attractive design.

+ Browser extensions, including standalone ad blocker.



- Little geographic diversity in server locations.

- Only a few advanced functions.


ProtonVPN offers flexible pricing models for professional requirements in addition to a free basic version. The service puts a special focus on privacy and security (e.g. through the server locations). For this reason, ProtonVPN is especially popular with journalists or activists.



+ The best free offer.

+ Flexible and affordable plans.

+ Focus on data protection and physical security.

+ Attractive and accessible user interface.

+ Multihop VPN to secure locations.



- Fewer servers and locations than most other VPN providers.

- Does not perform public audits by third parties.


IPVanish combines a high geographical diversity of foreign servers and the possibility to run unlimited devices and connections simultaneously. Less convincing are the unclear user interface, the privacy features and the provider's not very transparent privacy policy.



+ Unlimited number of simultaneous connections.

+ High geographical diversity of servers.



- Unclear user interface.

- Only a few additional privacy features.

- Confusing privacy policy.

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