Cyber Security Alliance

The Cyber Security Alliance is an initiative founded in 2012 by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Their goal is to strengthen Germany’s resilience against cyber attacks, by helping every business to better protect itself against cyber attacks. Any company based in Germany can become a member of the Cyber Security Alliance free of charge. This gives them access to information and free cyber security services and to exchanges with other companies.

What is the Cyber Security Alliance in detail?

The Cyber Security Alliance organizes branches of all industries. Companies with cyber security expertise can also register as partners. As such, they provide all participants in the Cyber Security Alliance with a free partner offer at least once a year. For example, participants in the Cyber Security Alliance benefit from the expert information of the BSI, the partners and the exchange of experience among themselves. The Cyber Security Alliance website features selected content on IT security. The complete information pool is only accessible to participants. In addition, there is a cyber incident reporting center on the website, which you can also use if you are not a participant.

How does the Cyber Security Alliance benefit me in everyday work?

In the first place, we recommend reporting any cyber incident at the Cyber Security Alliance reporting office: reporting office

If you want to file a criminal complaint, you will also find information about your contact persons at the police. For you or your IT security advisor, the Cyber Security Alliance also provides many resources to improve your organization's IT security. You have to figure on a
certain training period here, for example, to review the offer and plan your approach.

Tips for getting started can be found here:

You can find further information, a list of participants, partners and the reporting office
for cyber incidents on the Cyber Security Alliance website: .html


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