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  • Which employee of my company should become the administrator for the Perseus account?

    Either the IT manager of the company or the general manager, since this account manages all the information: employee invitations, company information, payment information, etc. In addition, the administrator is the only one who can complete the IT security check, use the security checklist and request the installation files of the intelligent security software.



  • What happens if my company becomes a Perseus customer?

    Once your company becomes a Perseus customer, you can log in to the Perseus website, invite your employees, start your online training, use the toolbox, and get an overview of your company's security status.



  • How do I register for Perseus?

    On the Perseus website, click Sign up for free and enter the information you need. You will receive an activation email. After clicking on the link in the activation email, your account will be activated. Please contact our customer support via email if you have not received the activation email.

    support@perseus.de or 030/959998080



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