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Online Training

  • Which topics are discussed in the training area?

    A whole range of cyber security and privacy issues are discussed in the training area. You will learn how to protect yourself and your company from cyber attacks. You will also receive a guideline for data protection according to the GDPR. Structure: 16 video lessons with
    knowledge tests and subsequent certificate. More information about the online training can be found here: Online Training



  • Is there a cyber security blog for additional information?

    Yes, there is, under the "Knowledge" tab. It’s used to provide cyber security information and articles on a regular basis: Blog



  • How is the training checked to see if it was understood?

    To receive the certificate, each Perseus member must complete a small quiz for each video lesson. In some cases, another exercise follows. In this way, the training is checked.



  • Are the videos from the training area also available on other platforms?

    No, the videos from the training area are not available on other platforms.



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