FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • Why is cyber security so important to businesses?

    Increasing digitization is making companies increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. A stable and successful cyber defense protects against downtime and high costs.



  • Which companies need cyber security?

    Today, any business with a digital infrastructure needs a cyber security solution.



  • What is the goal of cyber attacks?

    Cyber criminals and hackers infiltrate corporate infrastructure to steal, misuse, or take control of data.



  • Why is cyber security particularly important for small and medium-sized businesses?

    SMEs are particularly attractive to criminals because they are often unaware of the risks of cyber attacks and their systems are not as well-secured as those of large corporations. Almost 1/6 of all SMEs were targeted by cyber attacks, last year, and despite these numbers,
    they are not investing enough in cyber security. Small and medium-sized businesses, like larger companies, must take this ever-increasing threat seriously and protect themselves accordingly.



  • What if my question is not answered in the FAQs?

    Send us an email or call us and we will answer your question immediately.

    support@perseus.de or 030/959998080



  • Who are your external service providers?

    Perseus cooperates with strategic partners (external service providers) in the areas of software, forensics, law and crisis communication.



  • How can I become an external service provider?

    Please contact us by email at support@perseus.de or by phone at 030/95 999 80 80, if you are interested in a partnership.



  • Is Perseus working according to European privacy policy?

    All data is handled according to european/german privacy policy. Personal data is treated confidentially and never passed on to third parties without the consent of the person concerned.



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