The Perseus IT Security Check: Find IT Vulnerabilities Before Criminals Do.

With our IT Security Check, we offer you a free and easy cyber security analysis of your business. Perseus will analyze your security based on the information you provide and will report on your security status.

Due to the lack of experts and resources, even obvious IT vulnerabilities are often missed by companies. However, as cyber attacks on businesses increase and new security updates are made available on a daily basis, regular IT security reviews are extremely important.

A recent study by the German Insurance Association (GDV) shows that around 30% of small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany have already been victims of successful cyber attacks. 11% of you were even affected several times.

Even though a lot has happened in the area of IT security for companies over the past year, there is still a need for action. In the Federal Office for Information Security situation report on German IT security for example, 48% of respondents from business reported that IT security training is still in the planning stage or nonexistent. 71% of survey respondents said they plan to make further improvements in addition to IT security measures already taken.

What is the Perseus IT Security Check?

Our experts only analyze the IT security status of your company with the information you have provided. It examines key areas such as "application and network security" and "IT security culture and processes." After the exam, you will receive a PDF report with the results and comprehensive recommendations for action for all categories, within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

The IT security check shows you, among other things:

  • if your server is up to date,

  • whether vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure are visible and vulnerable from the outside,

  • whether one of your online accounts in connection with your business email address has already been hacked and

  • whether your employees are adequately sensitized to cyber risks.

The analysis is comparable to a security expert who walks around your home, checking from the outside to see if any doors are open, locks are rusted, and whether there have been more break-ins in similar homes or in the same area.

Is Perseus entering my corporate network?

In order to analyze the security status of your company, we only use the data that you provide us with. We do not enter corporate networks or systems to collect and calculate your IT security status.

Why should I use the Perseus security check?

  1. Prevent Attacks: With the IT Security Check, you can view your security status from the point of view of an attacker. They learn where you are vulnerable and can prevent any attacks.

  2. Create confidence: Our analysis also exposes problems that are obvious to your business partners or customers. By fixing the identified vulnerabilities, you can also offer a positive image to the outside world. After all, the importance of IT security also increases in business relationships.

Will my IT security status be released?

No. Only you will receive the your IT security status report, via email.

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