The outside of the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.
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Private data of several million hotel guests leaked

More than 10.6 million guests who stayed at MGM Resorts International were affected by the data theft. Among them were also celebrities like…

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The showroom floor at Cybertech 2020 in Tel Aviv.
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New Trends from Cybertech Tel Aviv

Every January, IT-experts gather at Israel’s largest cyber event, the Cybertech Tel Aviv conference. This year was no different and Perseus was there…

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[Translate to English:] Perseus wird Teil der HDI-Gruppe

Thank you finleap - Hello HDI

It’s official: On February 6, Perseus became a part of the HDI-Group, Germany’s third-largest insurance group. Ulrich Wallin, CEO of Hannover Digital…

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The right settings: Surf safely and privately with the Firefox browser

If a browser is not properly configured, it can quickly become the gateway for cyber criminals. Firefox is one of the most popular providers. See what…

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Employee receives numerous e-mails while working on the keyboard.

Not in the mood for overcrowded mailboxes? How to protect yourself from spam email

According to the email providers, GMX and, the number of unwanted advertising messages increased by 34 percent in 2018. We'll show you what you…

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Millions of credentials released - what to do?

Millions of stolen passwords and email addresses are circulating as a single record on internet forums. We offer you tips on how to better protect…

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