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Unpatched Fortinet VPN vulnerability allows encryption attack

By exploiting a vulnerability in FortiOS (an operating system which is mainly used on Fortigate SSL VPN products from Fortinet), attackers have…

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Cyber security

Millions of Facebook users' data published. What now?

Telephone numbers in particular are affected by the incident, but also email addresses, dates of birth and clear names. The risks for companies and…

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Cyber security

No Backup - no mercy.

Ever been in this situation? You are deeply engaged in a project, working on an important document being in a productive peak phase and suddenly:…

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Hacked - now what? Incident Response at a glance

In the event of a security emergency, a fast, well-considered reaction is essential - the incident response. What does this involve? Find out here. We…

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The second edition of the Cyber Morning

Cyber attacks now account for the greatest global business risk. To defend themselves against this growing threat, companies can protect their IT…

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Microsoft Exchange: Close breaches quickly!

• Critical breaches in Microsoft e-mail platform "Exchange” Server

• Tens of thousands of companies and authorities affected, including four federal…

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