Little helpers for more safety in everyday working life.

Your time is precious. With our toolbox, each of your employees can quickly and easily integrate cyber security into their work.

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Protection through technology!

With our cyber security toolbox, security can quickly and easily be integrated into your daily work routine:

  • Browser Check: Is your browser up-to-date? Only current software versions offer the highest security.
  • Password Reminder: Reminds you regularly to renew your passwords.
  • Data Security Check: Has a security incident been reported in connection with your email address? This check will let quickly let you know and can prevent possible damage.
  • Email Scanner: Check emails for dangerous content. 59% of malicious attacks on small and medium-sized businesses are made by e-mail.

We take care of your cyber security, you of your business.

We enable employees to actively contribute to the cyber security of your company.

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