Online training according to your schedule.

With short, comprehensible videos, we make your employees fit in regard to the topics cyber security and data protection. Knowledge tests and certificates complete the program.

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Prevention is the best protection.

We sensitize your employees to the dangers of the Internet. This way, they are active contributers to the digital security of your company.

Flexible learning made easy.

This includes our online training for your company:

  • Online videos: Simple, understandable and solid - information on legal requirements and security risks with concrete recommendations for action

  • Knowledge test with certificate: The certificate is proof of employee training within the meaning of the DSGVO.

  • Flexible invitation management: Get better together - invite your employees and colleagues!

Our videos about cyber security

We cover all important topics concerning the digital security of your company in our online training.

  1. Antivirus software
  2. Firewall
  3. Public Wi-Fi
  4. Backups
  5. Security updates
  6. Secure passwords
  7. 2-factor authentication
  8. Sending e-mails securely
  9. Secure online collaboration
Our videos on data privacy

In our online training, we answer the most important questions on the topic of data protection within the company.

  1. Data protection at a glance
  2. Data protection made simple ­– it's not just for lawyers
  3. What means what in data protection?
  4. Data protection in your company
  5. Information security
  6. Who is for what the right person to contact?
  7. What rights do your customers have?
  8. What needs to be done in an emergency?
Our videos on phishing

The new e-learning series on phishing is the perfect complement to our phishing training. This turns learning and awareness into a holistic awareness concept.

  1. Interesting links
  2. Familiar links
  3. Acting out of fear
  4. Is your password secure?
  5. Hacked friends
  6. Dangerous attachments
  7. How can you protect yourself?
  8. Spyware
  9. Ransomware
  10. Computer viruses and worms
  11. Characteristics of phishing messages
In-depth lessons on cyber security & data protection

To keep you and your staff up to date, we regularly add new lessons on cyber security and data protection to our library.

Social media

  1. Online quiz
  2. Professional networks
  3. Business and private
  4. How can you protect yourself?

Mobile working

  1. Public Wi-Fi
  2. Dangers of shadow IT
  3. Online meetings & collaborative working
  4. Spear phishing and CEO fraud
  5. Secure homeoffice & GDPR

Information handling

  1. Life cycle of information
  2. Confidential vs. public information
  3. IT-, and information security
  4. Clean desk policy

Human firewall

  1. Human firewall
  2. Dangers on the web

Cyber emergency

  1. Warning signals
  2. Responding in an emergency
  3. Backup copies
  4. Switching off or not?


In-depth lessons on attack tools & methods

What do hackers use to gain access to your devices? What psychological tricks do they use? Learn more.


  1. Viruses & worms
  2. Trojans & keyloggers
  3. Ransomware
  4. How can you protect yourself?

Encryption software

  1. Malware – the visible
  2. Trojans – the means of transport
  3. Scareware – the scaremonger
  4. How can you protect yourself?

Social engineering

  1. Human psychology
  2. Types of social engineering
  3. How can you protect yourself?


We take care of your cyber security, you of your business.

We enable employees to actively contribute to the cyber security of your company.

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