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The biggest cyber threats to companies

Employee manipulation

Criminals play to employee fear and curiosity (social engineering) to get business data (phishing). For example, they use deceptively real fraudulent emails and supposedly lost USB sticks loaded with spyware.

Attacks on security holes

Corporate systems connected to the internet are under constant attack. This is how attackers identify security vulnerabilities and are able to penetrate or paralyze systems.

Dangerous malware.

Encrypted data, lost documents and corrupted systems - malware has various effects on everyday work. The goal is to spy on the victims, prevent them from working or blackmail them (Ransomware).

Were you hacked? We’re here to help you.

Act fast, avoid critical damage - hacker attacks are a race against time! In case of damage, our experts will assist you around the clock by phone and e-mail.


How we help you with assessment of the incident and decide which measures will be appropriate.

  • Joint event reconstruction
  • Assessment of damage extent
  • Decide on concrete recommendations for action




For minor incidents, we recommend the first-level-support over the phone. If the damage is too extensive, our on-site IT forensic partners will continue the process.

  • Experience has shown that most cases can be solved during the first contact.
  • Our IT forensic partner takes over the preservation of evidence, if desired.




In our final report, we will summarize the most important findings of a claim.

  • A multi-page report that includes a timeline of events, possible causes and recommendations for action.
  • A prerequisite for complying with reporting obligations and insurance requirements.

We take care of your cyber security, you of your business.

We enable employees to actively contribute to the cyber security of your company.

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