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Hacker attacks are expensive and can hit anyone.

41,000 euros in damage

The damage resulting from a cyber incident is difficult to quantify:
in average the costs are about € 41,000 (Source: PWC).

70 percent of all companies

According to BSI, almost 70 percent of companies and institutions in Germany have been victims of cyber attacks in 2016 and 2017.

The golden hour

The first hours of a cyber attack are crucial. Action points should be made quickly to minimize the damage.

Secured risk with the Cyber Protection Cover

Complete your premium membership now with our cyber cover. In the event of a cyber attack, costs of up to €50,000 per year for IT forensics, data recovery and follow-up checks will be reimbursed.

IT Forensics: Find the causes with experts.
  • Analysis of the cause and determination of the insured loss by experts
  • Preservation of evidence in compliance with GDPR regulation
Data Recovery: Become operable
  • Expenses for recovering information security breach data
  • Removal of the malware
Followup Care: System improvement and privacy
  • Reasonable safety improvement while the commissioned security consultant restores the system.
  • Advice on data protection law as a result of a breach of data protection regulations in order to verify the legal and/or official duty to provide information



Service description (german)

Practical reimbursement with the Cyber Protection Cover

When an office worker starts up the computer in the morning, she finds only encrypted files.

Forensics: The IT security expert involved identifies the cause on the spot. A colleague opened the attachment, disguised as an invoice, of a fraudulent e-mail. The malicious software included encrypted all data in the network.

Data Recovery and System Improvement: After a few days, the experts remove the malware from the infected devices and recover some of the data using backup copies.

Privacy advice: After consultation with a lawyer, the affected patients are informed in accordance with data protection compliant about the security incident.

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