it-sa 2019: Perseus offers phishing simulation tests as part of free test phase

At the IT security fair "it-sa" Perseus announced a new offer for the containment of cyber dangers.

  • Perseus Managing Director Renner: "Sensitivity to cyber risks must be promoted through easy-to-understand offerings.
  • Free trial month of phishing simulation testing for businesses and the self-employed

Berlin / Nuremberg, 08 October 2019

On the occasion of the European month of action for cyber security, the Cyberservices platform Perseus, which received the Digital Lighthouse Award, announced a new offer for the containment of cyber threats and presented it at the IT security trade fair it-sa in Nuremberg.

Companies and self-employed persons can now test the Perseus offer free of charge for a period of 30 days. During this period, the entire online training offer for cyber security and data protection will be available, as well as participation in phishing simulation tests. This allows IT managers and business owners to test employees' susceptibility to email fraud.

"Sensitivity to cyber risk must be promoted through easy-to-understand offerings. It's up to us cyber-security service providers to reduce existing fears of contact, which are based on high costs and complex products," says Richard Renner, Managing Director of Perseus.

In cooperation with BlackberryCylance, an intelligent antivirus program is also available during the test phase. Unlike most solutions, the defense against cyber threats is based on end-point detection and response technology. The behavior of installed programs and files is checked for irregularities, such as changes in the security settings, which can be an indication of a Trojan infection.

In addition, self-employed and micro-enterprises with less than five employees will be able to use Perseus' cybersecurity services.

"Cyber attacks can hit anyone. The EU-DSGVO makes no difference in terms of company size when it comes to data protection incidents. Especially for micro enterprises and self-employed persons, effective IT security measures are often not available due to a lack of financial and personnel resources", says Renner, "for this purpose we have lowered the minimum price from 24 euros per month to 7.90 euros".

The free test offer can be taken up, beyond the European month for Cyber security, under the Website . Excluded from the services are the 24/7 emergency assistance as well as the Cyber Protection Cover for the coverage of first aid services in case of cyber incidents.

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