Your IT security is important to us.

Our vision is to provide end-to-end IT security and privacy. With this in mind, our experienced IT security experts are constantly developing Perseus’ offerings, because cyber security means much more than just a firewall and a virus scanner.

Our mission

Prevention is the best protection.

Preventive security concepts are the best protection against attacks from the Internet. With our know-how and many years of experience in IT security, we protect you from these dangers.

Close security holes.

Complicated security products often complicate the implementation of protective measures. Therefore, our service platform focuses on people and their individual understanding of IT security.

Future-proof solutions.

For a future-proof product solution, continuous development and adaptation to changing requirements is indispensable. Only the implementation of the best ideas is successful.

Our team

About 70 experts work at Perseus to make the digital world a little safer for small and medium-sized businesses.


Kevin Püster

Executive Director

>10 years of experience in insurance, including corporate development & IT transformation

Katrin Schnurrbusch

Head of Finance

>9 years of experience in controlling, among others, at Nestlé

Johannes Vakalis

Head of Sales DACH & Marketing

>20 years of experience in sales

Thomas Ackermann

Head of Cyber & Operations

>25 years of cybersecurity and defence experience, including C6ISR, blockchain and cognitive warfare architect

Nils Sickel

Head of Engineering

>10 years of experience in engineering, among others, at Flaconi

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Our way of working

These four areas form the core of our work.


1. Perseus Emergency Service

Despite all protective measures, you were attacked - we will not leave you alone. As a user of our Perseus Cyber Security Services, our expert security team will be at your disposal and will get to the bottom of it to help you. Even if you have the least suspicion, you can contact us immediately.

2. Sensitization

Prevention is the mother of wisdom - our team develops hands-on learning materials and easily communicates effective safety routines. But the training does not end there: With fake fraud emails, we continue to sensitize you and your employees regarding cyber security.

3. Customer service

It is important to us for our customers to be able to make the most of Perseus service and its benefits. Our team of experienced account managers takes care of all member questions - from how to navigate the customer area to an emergency, we are there for you.

4. Technical aids

Among other things, our "Cyber Security Toolbox" gives you access to the Password Generator and Email Check to test your security status. Additionally, you will receive information on current risks in our monthly safety newsletter.

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